The services of a locksmiths are required for a multitude of reasons, one of the more common reasons is to upgrade locks to meet insurance standards. This is usually because they have been informed by their insurer that their current locks don’t meet their current criteria meaning they either can’t take out a policy or their policy is invalid.

Insurers set a minimum standard not only to ensure that you have taken steps to help keep your property secure, but it also helps to improve the overall security of your home or business. So now you know why insures have a minimum standard locks have to meet let’s move on to what they are.

Door Locks

In most cases your external door locks will have to meet or exceed the British Standard BS3621. If you don’t know if your locks meet this criteria then you can check your lock for the kite mark. If you have a wooden door then this can be found on the face plate or the front barrel, this will depend on whether you have a deadlock or a rim deadlock. If you find that your locks don’t meet BS3621 then it should be a priority to find a reliable locksmith to come and upgrade your locks to more secure locks that meet or exceed BS63121, not only will this please your insurance provider but it also gives you the extra peace of mind that your property is more secure.

If you have uPVC doors then it is likely that your locks will meet your insurers minimum standard, however this doesn’t mean that they are the most secure. There is a hugely popular method used by burglars called lock snapping, unfortunately the majority of locks fitted wo uPVC doors are vulnerable to this, so to ensure the security of your property it may be worth giving a locksmith a call to come and upgrade your locks to anti snap locks to help protect your property from this method of entry used by burglars.

Window Locks

If your window locks don’t require the use of a key or special tool to be opened from the inside, then it is likely that you will require both the window locks and handles to be upgraded. This can be a simple job but to ensure it is done correctly and the right size handles and locks are used it would be worth getting a locksmith to supply and fit them.

Insurers set such strict guidelines on the types of locks that are acceptable for your windows and doors, not just to deter burglars from breaking into your property but also to ensure that if they do break in, they don’t have an easy way out. For example, it would be a lot easier for an intruder to get away with a load of your goods through an unlocked door or large window than it would be through their point of entry such as a smashed window.

With this said the have one final top tip for you, keep keys for your home and vehicle out of sight and in a safe place this way if intruders do get in, they can’t unlock your door for an easy exit and use your car as a get away vehicle.

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