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In the UK uPVC windows and doors are commonly used, this is due to the fact that they are one of the best defences against burglars. However, it is still important to check what locks you have as some locks supplied with your Upvc doors may not be the most secure locks. Below we have put together some information on the best type of locks to use to increase the overall security of your windows and doors.

Cylinder Lock Snapping
UPVC doors and windows are not always fitted with the most secure locks and handles so this could leave your property vulnerable to a break in. Burglars are favouring a technique to quickly gain entry to properties called lock snapping. This method of gaining entry is used in a large percentage of UK break ins.

Unfortunately, this technique is very easy and as soon as the lock cylinder is compromised so is the overall security of the lock. This allows burglars to enter your property with no resistance and within a matter of seconds.

Preventing Lock Snapping
The best way to protect your property and avoid falling victim to lock snapping is to have your uPVC door locks upgrades to anti snap cylinder which are much more secure. Anti-snap locks are specifically designed to defend against lock snapping. If the lock snapping technique is used on these lock’s, then only the barrel of the lock will snap off leaving the locking mechanism intact and secure. If this were to happen to your locks then your property would still be secure, and the key would work to lock and unlock your property, however, it is advised that you get your locks replaced as soon as possible.
UPVC Windows

In most cases the locks fitted in uPVC widows cannot be changed as they are not strong enough to support a lock that has not been built in. With this said the locks fitted in uPVC windows are usually good quality. They tend to be either espagnolette locks or deadlock shoot bolts. Both these locks work well when it comes to home security. When buying new uPVC windows ensure they meet the minimum level of security required which is British Standard 3621 kit mark.

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