Home security precautions are often the last thing on our mind when dealing with busy day to day lifestyles however, taking a bit of time out to consider how you can make your home more secure can save you time, money and heartache in the future.

Buying a new home is a big accomplishment for most people and when caught up in the excitement and sometimes stress of moving in it is easy to overlook some vital home security responsibilities.

Replace or Repair?

When considering home security measures, you are often faced with the dilemma of whether it is best to replace or repair your existing locks when they are damaged or not working properly. There’s a vast amount of reasons why your locks may not be working properly spanning from wear and tear to deliberate damage. So, what do you do replace or repair the locks? In order to make this decision you must first understand the different lock types and their purpose.

The Right Locks

There’s a huge variety of locks available so the lock you pick needs to be suitable for your needs. People that are tech savvy tend to go for the more modern and advanced keyless entry systems. With this said the most common types of locks used tend to be double or single cylinder deadbolts. When choosing a lock that bests suits your security needs you should always make sure that they are anti snap and insurance approved to ensure you have the best defence against unwanted intruders.


In today’s society with modern gadgets and expensive equipment such as, phones, games consoles, laptops and TV’s etc it has never been more important to protect your personal property. Some problems that you may have with your locks may be resolved simply with solutions such as replacing the key. However, in some cases where there has been an attempted break in or break in and the lock has been significantly damaged it is highly recommended that the locks are replaced completely. When trying to decide what is best to do you should have a professional come and asses the damage so they can advise you on the extent of the problem, so you have a better understanding of the situation before you make your decision.

Peace of Mind

With all this said what it comes down to is personal preference some people may need the extra piece of mind knowing that the locks have been completely changed and their locks are working, and their home is secure, where as others may be happy with their locks being repaid and working as normal. Whatever you decide to do you may want to consider calling in a professional locksmith, although some lock replacement and repairs don’t require a locksmith they can be quite complicated and if you make a mistake it can have a detrimental effect on the overall security of your home leaving your property vulnerable to break ins.

Whatever decision you make you may want to have the assistance of a professional locksmith. Although many lock repairs or replacements can be done without the help of a locksmith it can be quite complicated and ultimately effect the overall performance of the lock if installed incorrectly leaving your property vulnerable.

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