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Being locked out of your home or business is one of the most common reasons that you may require the services of a locksmith, this could be due to you losing your keys, leaving your keys inside or they could potentially have been stolen. Most good locksmiths would choose a non-destructive method of gaining entry to a property for example lock picking.

To pick a lock a locksmith requires special tools which are used move components inside of the lock allowing it to be opened without a key. Locksmiths choose to use the method of lock picking as it is a non-destructive method and you will be left with no damage to the door or lock when the locksmith gains entry. However, if the lock is broken beyond repair drilling may be necessary and then a completely new lock will be installed.

Lock picking is a centuries old method. Skeleton keys were used in the 1700’s when Barron’s first invented the lock, naming it the double acting tumbler. This was a warded lock and the skeleton key was deigned to pass the wards inside the lock allowing it to open. Lock picking evolved when Mr Robert Barron gained a patent on the double acting movable detainer lock.

To pick a lock two tools are used, one to apply pressure while the other moves the teeth that are stopping the bolt from moving. This can be done because each component is slightly different in shape, size and alignment. Different lock types require different methods of lock picking.

Non-Destructive Lock Picking Methods

There are many different methods of lock picking used to pick all different types of lock. Below are a few of the most common.

Comb Picks – This involves a pick called a pin tumbler. This is designed to move all pins from their blocking position by pushing them into the cylinder chambers, allowing the plug to turn freely.

Raking – The picks used in this method are called rakes, they are designed to manipulate most if not all of the components inside the lock simultaneously. This is achieved by imitating a range of different key depths.

Single Component Picking – In this method a hook shaped pick is used. In this method of picking the varying differences of each pin is the focus so the position and order of each component can be determined.

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