Why You Should Change External Door Locks When You Move Into a New Home

You may be quite accustomed to moving home or it may be your very first time, either way the whirlwind of emotions are often the same, a lot of excitement and a lot of stress! During all the hustle and bustle of moving one important thing often gets overlooked, changing the external door locks. This is a vital measure to take in order to fully ensure the security of your new home. When you move into a new property unless you are the first people to live in it you can’t be sure that keys from previous owners aren’t still in circulation.

Home Office Statistics

  • Becoming the victim of a burglary is almost twice as likely within the first year of moving home when compared to average burglary rates – 4.6% compared to 2.5%
  • When compared to people that have lived in their property for ten years and over new homeowners are almost three times more likely to get broken into – 4.6% compared to -1.6%
  • Homeowners with no home security measures in place are a whopping ten times more likely to get burgled when compared to those that have simple home security measures in place such as upgrading the locks on doors and windows – 22.5% compared to 2.5%

Who Else Has A Key To Your Property?

Statistics show that every year close to 37,500 properties will be occupied by new owners, and shockingly most homebuyers are completely unaware that at least one set of keys to their property will still be in circulation from previous owners. NOP conducted a survey which revealed that over 58% of British homeowners give out a spare set of keys to their home to trusted family members or friends.

Halifax Home Insurance carried out a separate survey and the results showed that in the last ten years 12 million adults have lost their keys as well as address details and ID and still never got their external door locks changed!

When you move home, or lose your keys, and you don’t get the locks changed on your external doors then you can never be sure that your home is secure. Another thing you should take into consideration is that if when you move home you don’t change your locks this can void your insurance policy and if you do find yourself becoming the victim of a burglary then you could find that some insurers wont process a claim as in their eyes you didn’t take the necessary steps to ensure your property is secure.

By taking the simple security measure of changing your locks, not only will you have peace of mind that your property is secure any you know exactly who has a key to it, but you also will have upgraded your security measures with will not only please your insurers but also help you and your family feel safe and secure in your new property.

Other Reasons to Change External Locks

  • Your locks don’t meet BS3621
  • Lock is damaged or broken
  • You don’t have all the keys to windows and doors
  • You can’t easily exit the property in an emergency situation
  • Your property doesn’t have adequate security measures

If you are moving home or recently moved home and you need the locks changing, then contact Advanced Locksmiths Bristol today – 0117 239 0033